Welcome to Investment CPR: Investing for Consistent Positive Returns, a blog about open-end mutual funds that pursue absolute return strategies, i.e., strategies designed to generate positive returns regardless of overall stock and bond market movements.

In Investment CPR we will:

  • Explore ways to invest beyond the world of relative return investing – i.e., beyond the world where alpha, beta, R-squared and style boxes define success.
  • Interview managers of mutual funds that are devoted to absolute return strategies, including:
    • equity long/short
    • market neutral
    • beta neutral
    • merger arbitrage
    • hedged multi strategy
    • extension strategies (e.g., 120/20, 130/30)

    These interviews are with managers of open end, SEC-registered mutual funds that are generally available to the investing public. Some are well known; others less so. Investment CPR will bring you an inside view of what they do, how they do it and the risks they face in doing it.


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